Rostering, Time office & Attendance

ExChequer Roster and Time Office

ExChequer Roster and Time Office is aptly modularized to capture centralized and decentralized information on staff availability, leave entitlements, contact details all seamlessly linked to Personnel and Payroll modules. Intelligent roster creation based on staff availability, skill sets and business needs with ease interfaces to emails and SMS alerts enable complete control of having the rights staff at the right place at the right time.

The module is seamlessly integrate-able to various persons identification plug-ins like identity cards, biometric readers etc. Automatic wage calculations based on timesheets and/or work-hours ensure that payroll calculations are accurately computed and seamlessly exported to payroll.

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Built around GCI rules engine, workflows configurations frameworks and enabled with defaulted business intelligence and analytical tool, complete and comprehensive information increases visibility and control is available thus enabling informed management and business decisions.