ExChequer Recruitment Process

ExChequer Recruitment suite takes care of the entire recruitment process. It assists recruiters and recruitment managers seamlessly streamline their hiring process so as to not employ already existing talent and also ensure to maintain supply of resources according to the organization’s needs. There is a flawless integration with the financial module to effortlessly handle any billing requirements and also manage costs that can incur in the recruitment process.

ExChequer Recruitment Suite

It is literally a battle out there for entities to recruit the most appropriate and apt resource according to in-house requisitions. Recruitment module is ideally the integration of two important processes,

→ The Requisition
→ Interview process

The concerned department maintains a comprehensive employee talent pool by identifying and grouping their skills and competencies. The data in this pool can be retrieved to manage careers, fill vacancy from the existing resource pool thereby effectively managing resource utilization. Some of the processes, a recruiter handles when hiring external resources are Job candidates, Short-listing potential candidates, written tests, interview rounds etc. This mammoth operation cannot be professionally handled without the help of today’s latest technology.

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Some of the processes, a recruiter handles when hiring external resources are,

  • Job candidates
  • Short-listing potential candidates
  • Written Tests
  • Interview Rounds

Recruitment Modules

Request Form

New staffing request form. Can be edited and tailored for unique positions

Approve Vacancies

Scan through internal talent pool database and approve vacancies. Flawlessly integrates with any other available legacy system

Import data

Import data of a shortlisted candidate

Approval Department

Automatically send resume of shortlisted candidate to department for approval

Send Interview Notices

Send interview notices to candidate as well as concerned manager

send Interview Schedules

Automatically send reminder emails for interview schedules

Generate Summary

Monitor all stages of interview process. Generate summary and detail reports

Analysis Recruitment Process

Analysis of recruitment process with the allotted budget

Built Appointment Letter

In built appointment letter/ contract template

Monitor Recruitment Process

Dashboard to monitor recruitment process efficiency