Receivable Management

Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable is an integral sub-module of the ExChequer Financial System. It is seamlessly integrated with Order Management, Billing and Invoicing (e-claims) modules.

Detailed analytics within the systems is enabled by strong drill down features, data export features and configurable aging reporting views provides unparalleled management information that helps drive better internal controls, cash flows and customer management.

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The Receivables module can also easily import order, billing and invoicing data from third party legacy systems. Real time and seamless integrations with Cash Management, Accounts Payable and other ExChequer modules enables state-of-the-art cash management, laudable customer management and excellent management information that can help drive good revenue policies and receivable controls management.

Auto or manual /batch or real time postings to Accounts Receivable are optional. Flexible aging analysis provides comprehensive and all-inclusive view of the status of collections.

Quick and simple views, as required, are easily configurable. Extensions and integrated environments with the other ExChequer modules enable effective management of payable and receivable cash flows thus providing an exemplary environment for effective cash management and controls.