ExChequer PURCHASING enables organizations to streamline and standardize procurement activities. The module provides management with a birds’ eye view if the stipulated measures and processes are adhered to by its buyers and asset custodians within the organization.


ExChequer PURCHASING operates with a seamlessly integrated environment with other modules of the ExChequer suite. From internal requisitions, purchasing, supplier management, payment to inventory controls all operate within a single platform enabling the organization to have a firm grip on one of the most vibrant business activity areas and can demand very high if not the highest level of organization working capital and resource requirements.

Updation and maintenance of suppliers’ information and their offerings enables organization to make apt and timely buying decisions that can mean managing carefully the delicate balancing act between buying at the right time and the right price from the right vendor whilst limiting organization resources from being unnecessarily tied up.

ExChequer PURCHASING allows organization to do exactly that; maintaining elaborate and easy search product lines/supplier database, best terms and delivery conditions, seasonal offerings details, promptly capitalizing on discounts offerings, managing goods on consignment and free-goods, ease-of-view comparative statements and many more features and functionalities that makes ExChequer PURCHASING a system that practically meets the demands of today’s professional buying environment.

Comprehensively automated processes within ExChequer PURCHASING provides a sense of security and control that management can depend upon. Buying activities are more often than not requires stringent controls that will ensure policies and practices acceptable and within norms within the organization are adhered to. ExChequer PURCHASING allows organization to flexibly define most any policy, process or procedures they deem fit to manage the buying environment.

ExChequer PURCHASING is built within flexible and parametric architecture that stems firmly on its ability to meet industry-specific demands of purchasing and its related activities. Less than straight–forward to highly complex purchasing environments akin Healthcare, Construction, Pharmaceuticals find user-friendly features and functionalities within ExChequer PURCHASING that help these buying environments manage day to day business and operational requirements in a efficient and informed manner.