Personnel Management

Human Capital

Human Capital is of one of core enterprise resources that generate income and maintain going concern position of an organization. The sheer complexity in planning and managing these resources does in itself pose a challenge that commands much of management time and boardroom focus particularly within the healthcare domain.

Productivity, control and returns generated by these assets needs constant and dedicated analysis and management effort to ensure these scarce resources are optimally utilized, consistently. Controls and procedures definitions and adoption monitoring of the same consistently ensures that the path of the organization remains focused in ensuring patient care results in consistent positive outcomes.

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GCI ExChequer suite is a highly structured and sophisticated compilation of applications and solutions built with the primal aim of ensuring, planning, analyzing, managing, controlling the scarce and valuable resources of the organization is seamless, highly visible and controlled.

In today’s competitive business world, an entity with aptly qualified and experienced resources has an edge over its competitors. Retaining resources takes up most of the boardroom discussion time. The Human Resource Management has evolved over the years to play an imperative role in the functioning of an organization.

It assists the business unit to flawlessly manage its most important asset – Human Resource. Managing a company’s most valuable asset requires precision handling of all HR related activities.

ExChequer HR Module is designed to cater to every aspect of HR management. Its USP is that it is developed to handle right from the most simple to the most complex business requirements. There is a seamless integration of all employee related activities. This enables an organization to professionally manage their resources and trim down their administrative costs.

Some of the benefits you attain when you automate your HR related activities with ExChequer HR Module are
  • Efficient tracking and monitoring human resource data. This helps in enhanced resource utilisation
  • Build central HR database that can handle exponential growth prospects
  • Maintain global standards and at the same time comply with local law and business regulations
  • Implement biometrics attendance system for efficient time reporting. Flawlessly integrates with any other legacy system
  • Streamline recruitment processes thereby effectively cutting down on time and resources handling the process
  • Maintain a central skill pool database. Analyse and group workforce skill set to help plan future projects
  • Ability to generate general and customized reports at macro and micro level
  • Optimize employee contribution and align them with organizational needs