ExChequer INVENTORY systems are seamlessly integrated to all aspects of organizations process and procedures that relates to materials management. From the process of indent to requisitions down to raising enquires and managing quotations, comparing quotes, warehousing and logistics thru to payment of suppliers are all imbued within a single platform; warehousing and inventory management forms an integral process within this string of elaborate ExChequer supply chain management systems environment


ExChequer INVENTORY provides features and functionalities that provide management with both a detailed account as well as a broad perspective of the organizations inventory scenario. Capturing detailed account of organizations needs, managing the logistics of actual receipts and issues and related activities and dissemination of management information related to the same argues well for the parametric feature and functionalities within this module. The “single view” of the entire business process enables management to utilize the information gained for planning and decision making.

Timely orders; made within an informed environment serves to ensure organizations are not tying up scare financial resources in unnecessary levels of inventory. Effective use of industry standard practices within inventory management helps ffective stock management.

ExChequer INVENTORY allows exactly that by incorporating best of breed practices and controls within the system which almost drives an almost fool-proof and effective process with little room for arbitrary actions / decision making.

Effective acceptance, storage and use of consignment goods serve well to reduce the levels of owned goods procurement and storage; freeing much needed financial resources to better use. ExChequer INVENTORY allows flexible and parametric definition and configurations to enable practical applications of policies and procedures on consignment good.

ExChequer INVENTORY allows the induction of regular inventory counts/cycle counts.
Levels of Inventory;
- Storing
- Maintaining and Dispensing materials with use of attributes akin lot
- Sub-lot numbers
Location Identifiers
Reducing Inventory Levels

ExChequer INVENTORY allows many third party plug-n-play inventory control mechanisms to further enhance warehousing and inventory data/information integrity.

Apt levels of security on access and authorizations within ExChequer INVENTORY leave nil room for manoeuvring outside the set standards and norms of an organization. This helps lend credibility and accuracy to the process of managing warehouse and inventory in the organization.