Employee Self Help

ExChequer Employee Self Help module

ExChequer Employee Self Help module is a user friendly suite that supports employee self-service related activities. This web based suite flawlessly integrates with other modules of Human Resources.

The HR department of an organization spends considerable time and resource to handle employee requests that are predominately paper based. This is time consuming, and error prone. Providing help desk 24/7 to employees is simply proving an expensive factor for an organization. Automating self-help initiatives with instant online access to a growing number of services help an entity save time. This also enhances employee satisfaction.

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Some of the features of this suite are

  • Provision for employees to view all personal data and update them directly, if needed
  • Access to company policy documents, hierarchical structure and company directory
  • Workflows for HR related transactions like Leave requests, conference room booking, transports requests, travel approval, request for any specialized training and seminars