Cash Management

Cash Management

myCARE’s Cash Management module enables effective control of cash that flows into the organization. The control mechanisms built in will enable proper recording of cash receipts, effective reconciliations on a daily basis and management of banking procedures. Non-cash transactions; credit cards, checks and all other recognized forms of payment within the organization are also effectively controlled and managed. This ensures all authorized best practices are fully adopted.

Appropriate segregation of duties, approval authorities, and management controls are easily configurable to enable the organization to effectively manage cash flows within the entity.

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Bank Reconciliations are automated and can be seamlessly linked and downloaded from bankers’ software; reducing the mundane efforts of performing manual reconciliations.

Quick and simple views, as required, are easily configurable. Extensions and integrated environments with the other ExChequer modules enable effective management of payable and receivable cash flows thus providing an exemplary environment for effective cash management and controls