Patient Billing

Patient Billing

In an increasingly competitive marketplace where healthcare costs are burgeoning and healthcare providers and payors alike are expected to control costs while maintaining business growth without the compromising exemplary patient care and positive health outcomes, the ability to manage data into information for rapid decision making in patient care is becoming imperative.

myCARE’s Patient Billing System is an integral part of the RCM Suite. The module flexibly and comprehensiveness provides a platform for charging, tracking and consolidating billing information across the healthcare facility that enables full command of a business process environment, maintaining cost controls and revenue management. Charges can be entered directly, within other modules of GCI suite and/or via interface with external systems.

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The module’s core is its rules-building engine which validates the eligibility status of every patient for any single or all services that may be requested. The flexibility of the user-definable rules-engine, which requires practically no manual intervention in the determination of eligibilities, differentiates myCARE’s Patient Billing Module from the alternatives.

Key Features

  • Built to accept information and integrate with any feeder system that complies with accepted norms of standard information exchange
  • Robust rules-building engine that is required by electronically business scenarios of any nature
  • Infuses into the overall system and helps maintain effective cost controls and revenue management
  • User friendly, multi lingual interface
  • Exceptional user-definable reporting and MIS environment are defaults
  • Flexible Rate Definitions; multiple rates definable
  • Industry Standards Compliance: HL7, ICD, CPT amongst others
  • Workflow Based System; easy configuration of work processes, policies, procedures…
  • Package Definitions; easy to define single or all Inpatient, outpatient, daycare and any other type of packages
  • Configurable Financial Concepts; Flexibility to support one or more combinations of Financial Concepts eg:
    • Pay As You Go
    • After the event
  • Centralized / Decentralized Cashier
  • Approval Hierarchy for Refunds and Cancellations
  • Outpatient Deposits and service availed against deposits
  • Family Tree advance receipts / offsets handling (VIP)
  • Paperless Environment; dealing with payors, administrators, referrals etc.,