Asset Maintenance Modules

Fixed Asset Maintenance

The Asset Maintenance module is used to track maintenance and repairs for all asset types. Designed to manage planned and preventative maintenance, and reduce equipment downtime this module increases productivity and controls and reports on all planned and unplanned maintenance related to fixed assets.

Some of the processes, a Asset Maintenance Modules are,

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Monitoring & Scheduling Maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Warranty Tracking

Preventive Maintenance

ExChequer Recruitment suite takes care of the entire recruitment process. It assists recruiters and recruitment managers seamlessly streamline their hiring process so as to not employ already existing talent and also ensure to maintain supply of resources according to the organization’s needs. There is a flawless integration with the financial module to effortlessly handle any billing requirements and also manage costs that can incur in the recruitment process.

Monitoring & Scheduling Maintenance

Asset (and sub-assets) that requires regular maintenance/calibration needs to be continually monitored. Monitor maintenance thru odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, consumables etc. Comprehensive histories on all aspects of monitoring statistics and scheduling efforts are logged for detailed review and reporting.

Work orders

Work orders for routine maintenance are created automatically, eliminating any manual intervention. For unscheduled maintenance, an easy entry of work description and parts entry system creates work orders seamlessly. Work orders are aptly classified by the type of work performed. Once orders are issued, all related entries; inventory, history, and financials are seamlessly and automatically updated.

Warranty Tracking

System is seamlessly imbued with features to enable the tracking of warranty of all assets of the organization. Warranty information on all of your assets are comprehensively stored and system generates appropriate alerts that will ensure due actions are taken to ensure action is taken at appropriate time to ensure vendor maintenance contracts are in place if warranty is due to expire.