Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is another integral part of our Exchequer Financial System. The module is driven by exceptional control and audit trail mechanisms to enhance internal controls, avoid fraud, control payment methods and timing and provide an easy track of events performed within the entire Financial Suite.

myCARE’s Patient Billing System is an integral part of the RCM Suite. The module flexibly and comprehensiveness provides a platform for charging, tracking and consolidating billing information across the healthcare facility that enables full command of a business process environment, maintaining cost controls and revenue management. Charges can be entered directly, within other modules of GCI suite and/or via interface with external systems.

A seamless link with receivables enables effective relationship management in cases where vendors are also customers.

The module is seamlessly integrated with.....

  • Payables

  • Cash Management

  • Materials Management

  • Employee Self Help