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In today’s complex and demanding IT environment, finding a one-stop shop for all your application needs for an organization may not be possible. Likewise, vendors are increasingly becoming niche-focused in their offerings with highly specialized products and solutions.

Organizations hoping to adopt best of breed technologies are often burdened with the complex need to ensure that they are able to share and exchange information between disparate systems. This is a major difficulty within any healthcare facility.

The complex nature of patient care and safety issues demands seamless and accurate information exchange among disparate systems within a multi-system environment. Information may be clinical, financial or administrative. Their importance is highly significant to positive health for the organization.

Using enviable in-house integration tools, our consultants provide the right advice and guidance to ensure that, irrespective of any complexities that may exist in the providers’ environment, issues relating to seamlessly accessing and exchanging information between different applications will be eliminated.

Integrations are typically enabled with Payor Edit Systems, Health Coding Databases, Third Party Patient/Health/Clinical Information Systems and ERP Systems, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Persons Identification Databases, National/Social/Private Health Insurance Programs and Third Party Administrators. Real-time Eligibility Validations, Authorizations, Electronic Claims and Reimbursements platforms completes the tightly integrated loop within which myCARE RCM is offered.