Healthcare Industry Standards Compliance Services

Healthcare Regulations

Regulations for and self-regulation within the healthcare industry are continually evolving. International organizations like CCHIT, WHO, and local and decentralized organizations like HL7 International and many other industry specific organizations are continually working towards standardizing information flow within the healthcare domain.

Typical standards that drive the industry currently are

  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • HL7
  • CPTs

myCARE’s Patient Billing System is an integral part of the RCM Suite. The module flexibly and comprehensiveness provides a platform for charging, tracking and consolidating billing information across the healthcare facility that enables full command of a business process environment, maintaining cost controls and revenue management. Charges can be entered directly, within other modules of GCI suite and/or via interface with external systems.

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GCI applications accommodate these standards and are continually updated with any changes.

Dedicated time and effort, duly allocated to these areas of compliance and standardization will help healthcare providers gain relevant information necessary to remain in compliance, improve patient care, thereby improving healthcare outcomes. GCI uploads regular updates to our systems, to maintain compliance with all of these requirements.

With years of engagement in the industry and strict compliance to domain needs and wants, GCI is well positioned to provide much needed guidance to organizations seeking to improve their care environment with needed compliance and standardization as demanded by internal and external sources.

Built-in compliance within all of our products helps us understand the intricate details required to comprehend and offer these in our deliverables. This allows us to offer consulting services in such areas, a service we have seen grow exponentially as healthcare organizations adapt to new standards in patient care and administrative services.