D'Clenz Patient Data Validation

Patient Data Validation

"This is especially useful in dealing with Arabic names."

Based on a predefined set of rules and conditions, the current database is accessed, data is extracted in the formats required and uploaded into the validation engine. The process of validation is performed by the engine within the specifications derived at the Data Profiling stage.

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The validation can be performed using multiple algorithms and analyzed to extract inappropriate data using Fuzzy Logic that applies less than strict conditions to extract patient data that seemingly are duplicated, incorrect or incomplete. The validation that can be applied to the analysis process is almost unlimited and comprehensive in nature.

The use of Soundex Algorithm is exceptionally useful in extracting analyzing patient names with similar sounding vocals but with differing spelling in English. This is especially useful in dealing with Arabic names. Using the preconfigured set of reports generated during the profiling stage, the validation exercise will identify and highlight the lags in the quality of patient data within the database. Using the Analytics Tool, extensive checks and views of the extracted data; slice and dice, pivot, drill down, group, sort etc can be performed.